2356 University Ave W, Ste 200
St Paul, MN 55114
Office Phone: (651) 888-4700
Fax: (612) 767-5635

Jessica Armand, Category Lead

Ruthanne Atkinson, Office Coordinator

Nick Auzenne, Purchasing Promotions Manager

Lindy Bannister, Region Manager 

Troy Bond, Director of Member Relations

Brian Cole, Region Manager

Melanie Doucet, Purchasing and Promotions Assistant

John Fieldstrom, Retail Services and Merchandising Specialist 

Kate Fletcher, Category Lead

Melissa French, Member Services Manager

Debra Gagner, Purchasing Coordinator 

Rachel Jacobson, Fresh Program Manager

Barb Lutz, Human Resources Specialist

Callie Martin, Supply Agreement Lead

Dave Messer, IT and Facilities Manager 

MJ Mueller, Financial Manager 

Terri Nelson, Executive Assistant 

Greg Northrop, Education Lead 

Mike Ohman, Region Manager

Michael Paynic, Food Service Program Manager

Nick Reardon, Promotions Coordinator

Pat Rector, Region Manager 

Matt Ryan, Retail Services Manager

Danelle Rydel, Director of Purchasing

Cole Sarar, Publications Coordinator 

Erica Schulte, Director of Marketing and Communications

Corinne Shindelar, President/CEO 

Sarah Shindelar, Consumer Marketing Coordinator

Greta Sikorski, Director of Operations

Meggie Smith, Marketing Manager

Emily Soejoto, Wellness Category Lead