Who is INFRA?

INFRA is a purchasing cooperative owned and governed by independent natural and organic food retailers of all sizes working together to leverage our voice in the industry. We unite our members for the purpose of providing operational support, leveraging purchasing power, and engaging in shared marketing activities.

Working together is how we compete and differentiate ourselves in the marketplace, and gives us a higher chance of success. The level of integrity and commitment of the retailers who are INFRA members helps us shape a future together where we will be able to continue to bring high quality organic food to our individual communities, because we have a shared vision and commitment.

Mission: Strengthening our Members Through Collaboration to Forge a Sustainable Future.

Core Values:

  • A Healthy Sustainable America 
  • Opportunity and Success for Independent Businesses 
  • Collaboration
  • Innovation
  • Integrity
  • Transparency
  • Diversity
  • Engagement
  • Inspiration
  • Compassion

Affiliation Criteria

To be considered for affiliation with INFRA, retailers are asked to demonstrate the following qualifications:

  • Retailer must be an independently owned natural food retailer. Publicly traded corporations, those with ownership comprised of 50% or more by venture capital or private equity fund(s), and consumer cooperatives may not be considered.
  • Retailer’s primary business must be the sale of natural and organic foods. “Primary”, as defined by the Association, means that at least 50% of total store sales or 50% of the retail footprint must be in natural and organic foods. Retailer may be required to provide proof of such sales volume or retailer footprint.
  • Retailer must be in good standing in the natural foods industry and in the business communities where they operate.
  • Retailer must be in good standing with the IRS and in compliance with state and federal business regulations and employment laws.
  • Retailer must be willing to support and engage in, the activities of INFRA and uphold the vision, mission and goals, and policies as set by the INFRA Board of Directors.
  • Retailer must be willing and legally qualified to enter into contractual agreements with the Association for products, programs, and services.
  • Retailer must have a history of profitability, or trending towards such, and be able to verify this to the Association upon request. Additionally, retailer should be able to exhibit competent plans for future growth. INFRA may choose to request additional information prior to approval of affiliation in the Association. The additional information can include, yet is not limited to; credit references, submission of most recent tax returns, or submission of P&L and Balance sheet.
  • Retailer should have, or is planning for, installation of a Point of Sale System.
  • Retailer must be willing to sign and adhere to a confidentiality and Associate Retailer or Membership agreement.

Why Affiliate with INFRA?

INFRA is one of the industry’s largest key accounts. As an affiliate you are able to maintain independence while operating as a group to influence supply chain, distribution direction, and product standards.

INFRA provides a wide range of benefits for Associate Retailers and Member owners. All programs and services are designed to improve retailer operations through best practices, lowering costs, and by providing programs with direct store impact. Member owners experience a substantial return on investment through INFRA’s purchasing programs. INFRA affiliates also benefit from a strong peer network to draw upon through INFRA’s communication platform as well as regional and national in-person events.

Interested in Joining?

INFRA welcomes retailers of all sizes to inquire about the pathway to membership. INFRA affiliates are numerous and diverse throughout the country, each bringing their own individual identity to the Association. INFRA also welcomes startups with an illustrated commitment to natural and organic practices and values based operations.

Be part of a visionary group of retailers who come together with the primary purpose of strengthening independent natural food retailers through shared resources. Click here to learn more about INFRA’s pathway to membership.