Grocery Buyer

Grubb's Grocery


  • Order inventory by specified deadlines for Dry Grocery, Frozen, Dairy, Specialty, Bulk, DSD’s, and Beer
  • Control Beer vendor ordering to make sure that inventory stays on target
  • Utilize reports to discontinue items that are not “paying their rent” 
  • Stay on top of items that we are shrinking out too much of and cut them from the set
  • Monitor and control margin for existing inventory and adjust prices according to wholesale price changes to maintain a healthy margin
  • Negotiate deals and special offers with brokers and at shows 
  • Seek out and bring in new and on trend items utilizing placement deals and free fills to maximize profitability
  • Run reports and correct margin errors daily
  • Enter new items in the system and set prices that create a competitive price point and keep a healthy margin
  • Be aware of competitors pricing and be as competitive as possible while maintaining margin


  • Develop planograms and product placement to optimize sales
  • Utilize catapult to map items in store 
  • Build displays to increase sales
  • Reset sections as needed to ensure the best product placement to maximize sales
  • Make sure all shelf tags and signs are accurate


  • Use current warehouse and vendor deals to build monthly sales
  • Use Catapult system to build monthly sale worksheets and make sure all product is priced correctly and that worksheets are committed and start/end on the correct dates
  • Price sale items to maximize margin for the department and draw traffic to the store
  • Create sales flyer using CMP program
  • Develop Loyalty Bot programs to increase sales
  • Develop email marketing program and targeted sales program with Loyalty Bot


  • Oversee rolling inventory program
  • Maintain store auto ordering

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