Grocery Manager

Alfalfa's Local Market

We are looking for a seasoned dude or "dudette" fluent in all the roles Grocery comes under - Frozen, Dry, and Dairy. A merchandising wizard that can improvise on the fly and has a career arc far greater than Homer Simpson. Someone who is business-tough and people-sensitive. This is not a job for the feint at heart and one that requires rolling up their sleeves and throwing a load with the best of them, while displaying awesome skills that will put a smile on the most discerning guest.

On a more formal note, the job requires one to maintain excellent retail operations, accurately record waste, create efficient schedules, conduct timely performance reviews, direct established inventory protocols, reach targeted sales, margin, labor, and contribution goals, function as a member of the management team, and be a team player. (We can talk the talk later.)

Divas do not need to apply but those that can mimic a charging elephant are encouraged to apply with gusto. (Please note we do not always take ourselves seriously but we are serious about finding a solid Grocery Manager that wants to grow with us.)

Come and see us in Colorado. Boulder is an amazing place to live and work.


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