Marketing Director

Good Food Store

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About our Store 

The Good Food Store first opened its doors back in the early ‘70s, and has been serving the Missoula community for 45+ years. Its goal was simple- to provide the community with quality food and support local producers. The store continues to offer a healthy alternative to customers and continues to be a place where a sense of community exists. We provide a wide selection of organic food and natural products, conduct our business in an ethical and respectful manner and donate to organizations in need. Visit our website at for more information or to apply. Applicants must submit a cover letter, resume and complete an application.

The Marketing Director is accountable for promoting the store and managing public perception of the store. The Marketing Director develops and maintains a positive image of the store through marketing, advertising and various communication opportunities. Duties include evaluating marketing strategies, planning and coordinating marketing efforts and communicating marketing plans to necessary staff. Duties also include community outreach, media relations, crisis management and developing cohesive communication strategies. 

The essential duties and responsibilities of this position include, but are not limited to, the following:

Marketing and Advertising

  • Develop the marketing plan for the store in consultation with the General Manager.
  • Develop appropriate advertising strategies for the store and administer the advertising budget.
  • Create promotional materials and work with other professionals (ad agency, illustrator, designer, video producer, radio station reps, etc.…) as needed.
  • Evaluate and buy local media.
  • Develop and oversee website content and work with Marketing Assistant and website developer to launch text, graphics and interactive digital content on website.
  • Oversee the store’s social media and digital presence by working with the Marketing Assistant and outside consultants, if needed, to develop a social media strategy, calendar and consistent presence on a variety of social media platforms. Ensure social media pages are updated. 
  • Oversee the monitoring of active digital and social media marketing programs, and develop ways to improve those programs using observations and other data/metrics to assess effectiveness of programs.
  • Oversee the monitoring of analytics as they relate to website, digital and social media marketing.
  • Coordinate and schedule flyer production.
  • Establish standards for production of signage within the store, while maintaining the Good Food Store’s graphic standards.
  • Check posted signage regularly to ensure acceptable appearance and placement.
  • Remove outdated signage.
  • Supervise the sourcing, design and purchase of logoed supplies (e.g. reusable bags, gift cards, apparel, etc.)

Promotions, Events & Programs

  • Coordinate community events in consultation with the store’s management team.
  • Coordinate marketing meetings to plan promotions, events and in-store merchandising.
  • Coordinate advertising and other publicity for promotions and events.
  • Supervise production of publications for promotions and events (e.g. specials flyers, coupons, recipes, etc.)
  • Coordinate usage of cooking classroom—lectures, cooking classes and meetings.
  • Coordinate the sampling and demonstration program.
  • Inform staff of promotions and other upcoming marketing events through appropriate communication channels.
  • Communicate information to staff about community involvement and store programs to internally promote the store’s values, and to bolster staff’s awareness but to also enhance recruitment and retention efforts.
  • Administer donations program in consultation with other staff and within the parameters set by the General Manager.

Customer & Community Relations

  • Act as liaison with community organizations.
  • Project a positive store image to the public, often as the store’s spokesperson.
  • Play a key role in developing and promoting the store’s sustainability strategies and community-based initiatives.
  • Represent the store to the media to obtain favorable coverage. Manage media relations.
  • Ensure quality control of all information released. Consult with staff to maintain consistent communication to media and the public.
  • Maintain an awareness of risks and threats to the store, cultivating an environment of readiness should response to either be necessary.
  • Play a key role in crisis management and preemptive planning, when necessary.
  • Understand the importance of timing and setting in responding to crises and setbacks by ensuring information released is consistent with store objectives.


  • High School education or GED and marketing related degree preferred.


  • Marketing and advertising experience. Supervisory experience preferred.


  • Computer skills: spreadsheet, word processing, internet and some design software, preferably Adobe Suite: InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator and Bridge. Ability to read department financial reports. Demonstrated writing and editing skills.